Life lessons learned from a Maserati.

Just before Christmas I dropped off a bottle of nice Italian wine to my ex-Maserati mechanic, Roberto–he still works on Maseratis, but not mine, because I’m a recovering Maserati owner–and to break the awkward silence Roberto mentioned that the guy who bought my car had brought it by his shop for repair.


“Palo Alto prices never go down”, part 2.

As I’ve said, one of the most enduring myths of local real estate is that “prices in Palo Alto never go down”. Last week we looked at the track record of Palo Alto single-family residences (SFR) and found that Palo Alto prices do go down, often in large chunks–but that they also go up in large chunks. This time let’s look at Palo Alto condos and townhomes (Common Interest Development).