ghost town

Having your Palo Alto cake and eating it too.

A recent Palo Alto Weekly “Streetwise” interview of five vocal and opinionated citizens, interviewed while shopping or dining or loitering at Palo Alto’s Town & Country Village, illustrates 1) why democracies are ugly, and 2) why I’ll never run for office. On the other hand, I once said I’d never blog.

Flintstone House

Meet the Flintstone House.

Those of you with an appetite for the bizarre may already know this odd-looking house visible from the Eugene A. Doran Bridge on Interstate 280 in San Mateo County. You may have mistaken it for a large fungal growth, but an edgy fungal growth.


The real estate market from Daly City to King City.

The size and scope of this real estate boom is remarkable. The chart to the left, from the local Multiple Listing Service, shows substantial price increases year-over-year in four of five contiguous counties, from the bedroom communities south of San Francisco to Silicon Valley to the Central Coast and the Salinas Valley.