What’s next?

The beating the Asian stock markets took Tuesday night as U.S. election results came in was, I thought, an indication of how U.S. markets would react the next day–and that, I thought, would be a preview of how Silicon Valley real estate reacts. But the next day U.S. stocks opened strongly and closed at near-record levels, proving that American capital doesn’t care who’s president-elect, just that there is one, and that his or her ascension to power is orderly and uncontested.

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“First-Time Home Buyers Finally Jumping into the Market.”

“One of the big headwinds of the housing market nationwide has been the lack of first-time homebuyers – millennials in particular. But the market got a bit of good news on that front last month as a surge in first-time buyers resulted in existing-home sales nationally rebounding strongly in September, according to the National Association of Realtors®.”