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Courts decide that bogus real estate predictions aren’t fraud.

Okay, so you’ve probably heard about “serial borrowers”: homeowners who, back in the easy credit days of the early 2000s, refinanced repeatedly to draw equity out of their homes. Lenders assured them that since “California real estate always appreciates”, they could avoid the downside of rock-bottom “teaser rates”, higher loan payments or negative amortization, by selling or refinancing.

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New visa regulations: more fuel for the fire?

For most of us, the latest news from China is Mark Zuckerberg’s “brave, foolish or both” conversation in Mandarin with students at Beijing’s Tsinghua University. And while a top-level American business executive practicing his Mandarin in public is real news, and on a number of levels, there’s even more real news concerning China: President Obama’s executive order loosening restrictions on trips to the US by Chinese students, tourists and business executives.