contractor sawing wide

New homeowners, meet your new contractors.

New homeowners are keeping themselves and their contractors busy, according to a Nielsen Scarborough study and, I’m guessing, keeping Home Depot and Orchard in business. Leading the list of home improvements are kitchen remodels and landscaping jobs, the two projects that, in my experience, usually offer the most bang for the buck.


Gen Y is ready to buy. Yes, that means you.

The “one cool fact” infographics are fun, and they always present a relevant idea in a catchy way, but they usually need translating for local market conditions. I get them from the California Association of REALTORS, which gets its data from the National Association of REALTORS, which means we’re steadily moving away from “all real estate is micro-local” and toward the illusory national real estate market that exists mainly for the benefit of statisticians and the economists who love them.

gen y

Young renters still optimistic about homeownership. Yes, that means you.

I guess you young’uns know by now that we old-timers worry about you–mostly about your consumption habits, since that’s what makes or breaks entire industries. The “Silent Generation” worried about us boomers, and it had every right to. Boomers worried about Gen X, that strangely non-boomer generation with the sinister-sounding name. Now that Gen X has been dissected and safely categorized and filed away, the microscope is on Gen Y.