A message to my ex-Trulia readers.

At 4:31 PM on December 22, Trulia emailed me “Important Information About Trulia Blogs”:  they were pulling the plug–as of December 19, three days before they sent the email.


It seems so–I don’t know–sudden.  And puzzling, since I’d posted December 19, 20, 21 and 22, after Trulia supposedly pulled the plug.   But today they made it official by stripping the “new post” button from my blog dashboard.

Honestly, I’m not surprised.  There are no guarantees in life, and I’m sure that’s in the fine print in my Trulia User Agreement.  And I’ll concede that Trulia was doing me, and any other agent who blogged there, a huge favor.  The Godzilla real estate portals drove the agent with just a WordPress website from page one of the search results, but Trulia gave us a second chance.

But Zillow is buying Trulia, and Zillow doesn’t waste valuable server space letting agents blog, and Zillow is the standard by which all Godzilla real estate portals are judged these days.  I’ll also concede that most of us agents don’t have much to say that’s of commercial value–posts that start with “As a real estate agent, I’m often asked…” don’t promise an exceptional user experience.

But for the eighty to one hundred persons who read each of my posts–or maybe it was just one fanboy reading each post eighty to one hundred times–it’s been a pleasure.

The party continues here.



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