SF metro homeowners: “Happy! Happy!”

The San Francisco Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes most of the Bay Area, gets an A+ (but, curiously, not an A++) on the HomeAdvisor Homeowner Happiness Index.  In fact, no metro is more chipper.


Why all the homeowner ecstasy?  According to HomeAdvisor, it boils down to three things:

  1. “Affordable, well-functioning homes offering enjoyable accommodations.”  Yes, you heard right:  someone just said “affordable” and “Bay Area” in the same breath.  Although only half of homeowners surveyed claim they have enough storage space.
  2. “A sense of diversity, safety and a strong neighborhood network.”  This needs qualification.  On the one hand, just half of respondents feel their neighborhood is racially or religiously diverse or, to be candid, like their neighbors.  On the other hand, roughly two in three feel safe, think their community offers good public and medical services, and trust their neighbors.
  3. “Practical commutes and access to important attractions and services.”  Yes, you heard right–over half of Bay Area respondents say they have a “reasonable commute”, with the average commute time a snappy forty minutes.  About eight in ten have easy access to highways and to shopping that meets their needs, and live within one hour of a major metro area.

Three reasons why so many people keep coming here, and why so many want to stay and buy here.  Folks, this is the good life.


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