Aging gracefully.

Believe it or not, there’s a generation even older than Boomers.  It’s called Matures, and they know what they want:  stay in their home forever.


They’re also looking at Granny Pods, tiny homes equipped with “hand railings, defibrillators, first aid supplies, lighted floorboards and a soft floor to minimize damage from falls” according to a post I found.  A small but functional operating theatre is a popular option 😉

Also on the radar of Matures are Next Gen® homes, “designed for multigenerational living” according to homebuilder Lennar, which has taken the trouble of registering the name.

But mainly Matures are like their irksome Boomer kids:  holding on with both hands to the home they’ve owned since before you were born.  And with the equity they have, here in Silicon Valley, don’t count on their homes hitting the market any time soon.

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