Millennials on the move.

Millennials!  Recognize yourself in any of these survey responses?


Experience tells me that at least 103 percent of millennials, and perhaps more, would like to take out one or more walls in any house they see that’s more than ten years old.

If the survey is to be believed, millennials don’t do much entertaining at home.  If the Facebook photos are to be believed–not that anyone remotely hip, except me, uses Facebook anymore–millennials party in public spaces.  Or  online, much tidier in any number of ways.

For millennials, the kitchen is “the center of their home life”.  Not that this is a huge generational shift.  If the floor plans were any indication, Gen X started that trend.  Meanwhile, Ma and Pa Boomer hang out in the parlor.

Finally, a whopping 155 percent of millennials “regularly work from a home office or workspace”.  I know, the infographic says 55 percent, but that must be a misprint.

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