Top cities for millennials.

Today’s hot spots for millennials?  The usual suspects:  San Francisco…San Jose…Seattle…Buffalo.

Influx of millennials has overwhelmed Buffalo’s parking, forcing residents to be creative., which just released a top 10 list of millennial destinations, recommends Buffalo for “those millennials looking to spend more time outdoors”.

Okay, enough cheap shots.  We all know it might snow a little in upstate New York.  But Buffalo is the most affordable city on the list, with residents spending just 22.7 percent of their income on their home.  Maybe that’s why in a region known until recently for losing its young people to jobs elsewhere, millennials now make up 13.4 percent of the population, slightly above the 13 percent national average.

Mostly it’s sunshine and tech that draw millennials, but these come at a cost.  San Francisco and San Jose, ninth and tenth respectively on the list, demand over half of residents’ income for housing.  This hasn’t fazed millennials:  they make up 15 and 14.2 percent of the respective populations.  In fact, millennials get lots of credit for driving up the cost of housing, although occasionally even they have to be resourceful.  Case in point:  the 23-year-old Google engineer who allegedly lives in a 157,000-mile Ford truck leaking oil in a Google parking lot.  Living off his employer’s infrastructure lets this thrifty young engineer pocket 90 percent of his paycheck.

I found this on the Internet, so it must be true.

Other cities making the top 10 list:

  • Salt Lake City – tech and mountain living
  • Miami – for fashionistas who don’t mind humidity
  • Orlando – like Miami, but without the fashionistas
  • Seattle – almost affordable by Silicon Valley standards, Chamber of Commerce guarantees 152 sunny days per year
  • Houston – lotsa jobs, lotsa humidity
  • Los Angeles – movie stars!  palm trees!  high cost of living!
  • Albany – same affordability and great weather as Buffalo

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