Home smart home.

It’s used to be that a house could get by with a high school education, or maybe a few years of college.  But these days home buyers demand the problem solving, critical thinking, and technical skills that only a house with a graduate-level education can provide.


How do homes show off their A++ smartness?  With these ten features, accord to a recent Coldwell Banker survey:

  1. kitchen appliances (stainless steel, of course) with LED touchscreen displays, microwave sensor cooking and gourmet recipes loaded in the oven
  2. a “learning thermostat” controlled by a smartphone and programmed to learn a homeowner’s daily routine, dialing back energy use when the home is empty
  3. automated lighting systems controlled by a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or trained ferret
  4. light bulbs with a hidden speaker that plays music wirelessly and are, needless to say, controlled by an app that works on smart devices
  5. a “mega-capacity” refrigerator designed to give food a longer life, with a smart cooling system that can sense humidity levels
  6. home alarm systems controlled through a smartphone or tablet
  7. a “smart safety system” including a suite of products — Wi-Fi smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, a smartwatch, a tracker for personal items like keys, a Wi-Fi safe and a Wi-Fi programmable thermostat –all controlled by iPhone
  8. a home management system with contact and motion sensors monitored from a smartphone, tablet or computer
  9. a keyless lock system that uses a smartphone as a key fob
  10. and last, but by no means least, a smart TV that’s definitely not your father’s Sylvania, with streaming video content from Netflix, cable and satellite providers, Blu-ray players and smartphones, a one-way express ticket to Nirvana certain to be this year’s most-requested Christmas gift because as Analog Man says, “the whole world’s living in a digital dream, it’s not really there, it’s all on the screen”.

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