What’s on your home shopping list?

Ranch-style home, or socialist worker housing?  Big back yard, or a tiny deck with a sweeping view of your neighbor’s tiny deck?  A 2017 kitchen, or a 1955 kitchen?

Survey says that with a Prius parked out front, this is probably your dream home. 

Tough choices?  Not for most of you, whether you’re a millennial hipster or a Birkenstock-shod boomer.  In fact, ranchers, big back yards and new kitchens “were popular across all age groups”, according to a recent realtor.com survey.  Was there no difference in preference by buyer age?  “Younger home buyers with young children showed the most desire for finding a large yard and the greatest interest in living near a good school district”.

Whoa!  Who saw that coming?

What you’re least likely to look for, according to the survey?  “A guesthouse, mother-in-law suite, solar panels, and a ‘man cave’.”

What’s likely to be your top goal?  “The majority of home buyers said privacy and having a space that was solely their own was a top goal when in house-hunting mode.”

Now, sure, I realize that this is a national survey, and that here in Silicon Valley we’re more sophisticated.  Here, we’ve evolved from a primitive, emotional attachment to resource-squandering sprawling ranchers and big back yards and the whole low-density thing, or at least we would if agents would only take homebuyers firmly by the hand and explain that these are the affectations of boomerist materialistic culture.  Privacy?  That’s so 1970.

Homebuyers!  Embrace your high-density destiny!  Do not resist! 

In fact, the housing-of-the-future experts think high density isn’t just what you’ll settle for until you can afford a “real house”, it’s what you want, and if you do that’s fine by me.  But I invite the experts to do what experts are loath to do:  trade their bubble for the real world, in this case long enough to check out open houses in a community like Los Altos where sprawling ranchers and big back yards are the norm.  What age groups will they see?  Millennials?  Check.  Gen X-ers?  Check.  And plenty of both.

And plenty of boomers stuck in their retro rut?  The next time you see a boomer at a Los Altos open house who’s a buyer and not just a neighbor, send me a telegram and send up a flare.  They’re not the ones making four offers or ten offers on sprawling ranchers with big back yards.

The housing of the future?  It’s the housing of the past.  With a new kitchen.

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