Housing challenges for aging populations, now and in the future.

Old boomers need affordable housing too!  And accessibility features and provisions for in-home care.  And the aging-in-place design features they’ll need in their housing over the next twenty years are also what today’s young whippersnappers will need when they get old.

As the inforgraphic says, by 2035 one in five of us will be way old.  If we’re not living in specially-designed senior housing, we’ll probably gravitate to newer condos built to ADA accessibility guidelines to accommodate the mobility impaired.

California has required implementation the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines in new construction since 1992, and in remodeling of older construction since then.  The Guidelines haven’t just influenced kitchen and bath design, including clear floor space for wheelchair maneuverability, and fixture height and layout.  They’ve also mandated door opening clearances, acceptable slopes for ramps, accessible elevator design, and guardrail and curb requirements, accessible parking spaces and passenger loading zones.

Admit it.  Aren’t boomers adorable?

Given the trend toward higher density in the Bay Area, those of you who want a newer version of the single-family single-story home you’ve been living in your entire adulthood may have to look on the periphery of the region, where land is cheaper, or in other regions or states.

Or you can use all that equity you’ve accumulated to remodel your existing home.  Contractors are standing by.  They won’t return your call, but they’re standing by.

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