Do four in five home buyers really want shag carpeting?

Thanks to a new survey by homebuilder Taylor Morrison, we now know that only 19 percent of home buyers consider shag carpeting outdated.  Which suggests that a whopping 81 percent of home buyers think shag carpeting is the latest and greatest, right up there with granite, stainless steel and Ethernet ports.

But what the survey’s findings really mean is that a whopping 81 percent of home buyers have never seen shag carpeting, don’t know what it is, and wouldn’t recognize it if they laid down and rolled in it.  Assuming they can find a house that still has it.

“How can people live like this?”

Other once-hip design features that today’s buyers are calling “remodel-worthy” (if not cringe-worthy):

  • linoleum floors:  pros:  cheap, durable, easy to maintain; cons:  “how can people live like this?”
  • popcorn ceilings:  the perfect complement to any room where popcorn is served, such as your home theatre
  • wood paneling:  thumbs up for real knotty pine paneling, thumbs down for vinyl paneling
  • ceramic tile countertops:  “how can people live like this?”
  • avocado green appliances:  but did you know that the humble avocado has “nearly” 20 vitamins and minerals, making it a great nutrient dense food choice according to the California Avocado Commission

Find all these outdated design features in one home and congratulations! you’ve found one dialed-in 1970s home.  Or maybe you’ve just stumbled across the Partridge Family set.

Newsflash!  What the builder’s survey doesn’t reveal is that most home buyers have serious qualms about any design feature more than fifteen years old.

Which should remind us that design trends are trendy.  Granite and stainless are trends, not the twin pillars of western civilization.

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