For time travelers: How local schools ranked in 1970.

You’re fine-tuning your time machine so you can go back to 1970 and get a great deal on a house, then pay your property taxes with the change you find under your sofa cushions. What 1970 school district are you going to want to put your kids in? An article in the April 19, 1970 S.F. Sunday Examiner & Chronicle gives you guidance.

“Immigrants and Housing Demand” in America.

The well-respected Urban Land Institute recently looked at “the role immigrants play in local housing markets”, focusing on five metropolitan areas including the San Francisco metro. How will immigration affect real estate in these areas and influence the type of “housing products” they build? The answers may challenge the orthodoxy on how to solve Silicon Valley’s housing crisis.

“Why Millennials Are (Partly) to Blame for the Housing Shortage.”

As part of the on-going boomer conspiracy to dodge responsibility for everything wrong with the world, The Wall Street Journal contends that the country’s housing shortage is due, at least in part, to “the rush of young people to U.S. cities over the past few years”. “As young people and builders have shifted their focus toward trendier urban markets,” the Journal reports, “overall housing construction has declined”.