December 2015 newsletter

Looking for clarity in Silicon Valley real estate? Here it is: prices are falling, rising and flat. Homes take longer to sell, but open houses are still crowded and the market absorbs what little inventory is available.

November 2015 newsletter

The market? Still hot, but not as overheated. The buyers? Strolling, not sprinting, back to the market. Sellers? Almost as likely to raise their list price (“this is what I really want”) as to lower it. Prices? Mostly down, but sometimes up or sideways, but in all cases higher than they were at this time last year.

June 2015 newsletter

The market is cooling at the edges: the top end (in this area, over a zillion), and in challenged locations (on a busy street, for example). We’re getting into the summer slowdown, but we’re not slow. It’s an opportunity for buyers, or at least those who can stay focused on real estate during these lazy days of summer.