How long are you planning to live in your next home?

The California Association of REALTOR’s 2015 survey of recent California home buyers reveals that they plan to live in their newly-purchased home for two-hundred years. No, I made that up. It’s really twenty years, up from six years in 2013 and 8.8 years in 2014, but it might as well be two-hundred for all the sense it makes, at least here in Silicon Valley.

Is a bubble a-brewin’?

“When discussing price bubbles, we feel that there are few terms which are more widely used and less understood”, says the professional real estate analyst. Amen to that, brother.

Is Silicon Valley real estate in a bubble?

What do Ferraris and Silicon Valley real estate have in common?

My ears were burning, and now I know why: I just got a pingback telling me that a link to one of my real estate posts was introduced as evidence in a Ferrari chat room debate on whether Ferrari prices are in bubble territory. This would be incomprehensible unless you understand the powerful effect bubbles, Ferraris and Silicon Valley real estate have on the general imagination. I’m not sure I understand it myself.

Will higher rates make it easier to buy?

One of the favorite real estate questions on the Internet these days is “will higher interest rates lower home prices”. It’s a question that assumes a nice, clean, direct correlation between mortgage rates and the Fed’s fund rate that doesn’t exist even in a simple world, let alone the real world, let alone the real world of the past few years. But to anyone asking this question, I can tell them with a high degree of certainty that the answer is “no”.