Evergreen Park

Pre-World War II homes, usually mid-range. Look here if you want old-fashioned charm at a relative discount, as well as easy access to Palo Alto’s second downtown, California Avenue.

Boundaries: Cambridge, Park Blvd., El Camino Real. Map boundaries are approximate due to my limitations as a map maker. Neighborhood boundaries may be subjective. Boundaries and other information on this site should be verified before being relied upon.

Overview: Another old neighborhood, subdivided in 1904 although most homes date from the 1920s. Evergreen Park was the northern fringe of the old town of Mayfield, absorbed by Palo Alto in 1925. Not an area of grand estates but still a very pleasant reminder of pre-war Palo Alto, especially around Peers Park. High-density, high-traffic uses predominate in the southern area around Cambridge and College, but residents appreciate the “traffic-calming” measures that thwart commuters and other intruders. Just don’t drive through here if you’re in a hurry. California Avenue’s shopping district is within easy walking distance.

Housing stock: Although a handful of survivors predate World War I, most Evergreen Park homes are two-bedroom/one-bath bungalows from the mid-1920s ranging in size from small to really small. Some have more than one bath but, aside from the limited amount of new construction, this is an area of very modest homes. There are a number of apartment buildings on College and Cambridge, but virtually no condos.

Lot sizes: Most are around 7500 sq.ft., narrow and deep in the pre-war configuration.

Affordability: As is true of many of Palo Alto’s affordable neighborhoods, Evergreen Park is in transition. In Palo Alto, pre-war charm plus relatively large lots usually equals high prices, but entry-level Evergreen often sells for little more than modest land value. At the other end of the price range are a few new homes attracted by the quaint atmosphere. There hasn’t been much new construction here compared to nearby College Terrace and Southgate, a bit odd since Evergreen’s larger lots would seem to encourage it. Perhaps it’s a matter of “branding”—Evergreen Park just doesn’t have the name. If any Palo Alto pre-war neighborhood can be called undiscovered, Evergreen Park is it.

Schools: Palo Alto Unified School District, 25 Churchill Ave., Palo Alto CA 94306. Main number (650) 329-3700.

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Amenities: Peers Park, 1899 Park Boulevard (4.7 acres): play structure, two tennis courts, basketball court, picnic tables and benches, tot lot, apparatus play area, rest rooms, jogging path. Peers Park Field House (650) 329-2697.

Shopping: Equidistant from California Avenue and Town & Country Village.

Neighborhoods with similar ambience: Palo Alto’s Community Center. Downtown Mountain View; San Mateo’s Homestead, Hayward Park and East San Mateo neighborhoods.

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