Felton Gables


Larger post-World War II homes, mid-range to top end.  Look here if you want a beautiful traditional neighborhood, and can pay top dollar.

Boundaries:  Encinal Avenue, train tracks, Holbrook-Palmer Park, Encinal School.  Map boundaries are approximate due to my limitations as a map maker.  Neighborhood boundaries may be subjective.  Boundaries and other information on this site should be verified before being relied upon.

Overview:  An enclave of homes built on the former Felton estate, and almost surrounded by Atherton.  That town, in its race with Menlo Park to incorporate in 1923, absorbed most of the local estates but not Felton’s, perhaps because his mansion may have been razed by then.  Gently winding, tree-lined streets and homes of uniformly high quality make this one of Menlo Park’s most attractive neighborhoods.

 Housing stock:  With a few exceptions, perhaps the estate’s former guest homes or caretaker’s quarters, Felton Gables dates from the mid-’30s through 1950.  Many homes are fairly substantial and have a pre-war, almost east coast feel.  Like Palo Alto’s Southgate there are a surprising number of large, well-built two-bedroom homes.  New homes are relatively common and I’m told the neighbors make sure they blend in—no Taco Bells allowed.  No apartments or condos either.

 Lot sizes:   Quarter acre and slightly larger.

 Affordability:  Felton Gable is pricey.  Large lots, great ambience and generally charming homes place Felton Gables in the same league as other expensive Menlo Park neighborhoods.  Where does it fall in that venerated company?  Felton Gables seems to sell at a slight discount to Central Menlo, the other upscale tract neighborhood, but much depends on the house and location.  Central Menlo’s much greater size makes it better known—“branded”, if you will—but Felton Gables smallness and seclusion make it a hidden treasure.  Central Menlo is west of El Camino, traditionally a preferred area, but Felton Gables’ neighbor Lindenwood proves that upscale areas do exist east of El Camino.  Felton Gables’ immediate neighbors can be noisy.  School children at Encinal and nearby trains are the obvious sources, and I’ve heard Holbrook-Palmer Park’s cranked-up announcing system sound like it was coming from the house next door.  But areas of Central Menlo are also impacted by its two schools and sometimes by cut-through traffic.  Felton Gables’ lack of inventory usually makes such comparisons moot.

 Schools:  K-8 district:  Menlo Park City School District, 181 Encinal Ave., Atherton CA 94027.  Administration-Superintendent (650) 321-7140. District attendance map.   School evaluations.

 9-12 district:  Sequoia Union High School District, 480 James Ave., Redwood City 94062.  Administration (650) 369-1411. Boundary search.   School evaluations.

 This information is based on district and other sources but may be obsolete by the time you read this.  Verify district boundaries and school availability with district offices. 


 Shopping:  Convenient to downtown Menlo Park.

 Neighborhoods with similar ambience:  Felton Gables has its own ambience, a unique blend of tract and traditional east coast.  Perhaps Atherton’s Lloyden Park and Redwood City’s Edgewood Park come closest to duplicating this secluded, very comfortable and somehow familiar feel.

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