Client testimonials

“I felt I was protected, taught and helped through a complicated process called selling one’s home, and I know that the best thing I did was to ask you to take me on as a client.  The more I think about it, the more I realize how simple you made it seem, while all the time you were doing the things required, and you were directing all the workers involved and you were keeping me updated.  This doesn’t begin to say how lucky I was, to have known you from your previous open houses and just how smart I feel for having recognized your quality and integrity and taking advantage of the opportunity to receive your services.

You helped me in so many ways, not least of which is that my home was sold in ONE WEEKEND, with 8 offers and was sold for the highest price ever in that condominium complex.  I want future clients of yours to be aware that I had left California and was establishing myself here, in Wilmington, N.C. and you took on all the work of getting my home ready.  It’s clear you did a fabulous job of it and you saw to it that my car was sold, which is so above and beyond what I could or should have expected.  That worked out so very well too, a win-win situation that still brings a smile whenever I think of it.  You never let my dithering and uncertainty keep you from getting things done in the best possible way.  Your calm and patience are remarkable, two strong qualities for a realtor (and in a friend, which is how I think of you).  Please accept my thanks once again.”

Mary K., ex-Palo Alto

 “Now that things have quieted down, I want to take the opportunity to thank you for the highly successful way you handled all aspects of the sale of my father’s Sunnyvale home.

 My family and I profited from your thorough knowledge of preparing and marketing a house for sale, your organizational skills in managing the process, and your excellent overall judgment.  Your strategy for presenting the house as an unexpected—and possibly underpriced—“jewel” worked perfectly, as attested by the hundreds who visited it on the open house days and the many who made formal offers.

You juggled (and solved) inevitable problems with calmness and skill. I was especially impressed with your ability to find just the right contractors to help us get the house ready—and I know our house needed far more work than most.

Finally, just a word about your integrity,  which we found to be unmatched. We learned early on that you always had our  interests at heart, which gave us great comfort and confidence.

Thanks again, John, for a job that was extremely well done. I’m confident that your future clients will be as well served as my family and I have been.”

Karen B., Menlo Park

 “Thank you for the exemplary  job you did in helping us sell the duplex.  We highly recommend you to  anyone wanting to buy or sell property.

We knew there was a lot of  essential repair/renovation work needed prior to offering the property for sale.  There were overwhelming numbers of details to tend to over the coming days.  As we live out of the area, we needed lots of help.

You recommended and we  concurred with an action plan including bringing in reliable contractors to provide bids for painting, roofing, landscaping, and an assortment of repairs.

There was no way we could  have managed the repairs and improvements necessary for the sale, even if we  lived nearby.  We can’t tell you how much we appreciated how you guided us  in deciding what work should be done and then scheduling and watching after the  contractors.

Arranging for the general, pest and mold inspections as well as analyzing their reports and advising us on what work to have done was invaluable.

Analyzing the offers from  potential buyers and recommending addendum made our decisions easy.  And, of course, guiding us through the escrow process was critical.

Your communication skills are  outstanding; we appreciated the detailed e-mail faxes that kept us in the loop each step of the way.  We highly recommend you to anyone who needs an exceptional real estate agent.”

Joan and John B., ex-Redwood City

“We were looking to upgrade from our starter home. Like most people in bay area, we were looking for great schools, reduced commute, and a great neighborhood. We found John through his website with all the detailed neighborhood reviews. When we met him, it was clear that he really knew the neighborhoods intimately. Our search area was pretty broad – Saratoga, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Palo Alto.
Here is what makes John different.
1) He took us personally to see houses we selected from the list he would send on Thursday. It was clear that he had attended Broker’s tour for all the houses, knew the details and was able to point them out to us (both pros and cons). Unlike many other prospective buyers, we did not wander around aimlessly. The other agents seemed to prefer that their clients go and see the homes themselves and only get involved when they were ready to make an offer.
2) He knows the neighborhood intimately –> We would be drivng to see a home and he would give us detailed briefing on the neighborhood as in “This tract was built in 1957 by Kaufman and Broad. Most lots are around 7000 sq.ft. It is a classic California ranch. The lots are wider than they are deeper. The bedrooms are all to one side. You will find that the kitchen needs newer appliances but the layout is pretty modern and well lighted. Walking distance to XX middle school and the Safeway in the corner was renovated recently”. John was able to rattle this level of detail for neighborhoods in Saratoga, Cupertino as well as Palo Alto.
3) John really wants to and makes effort to get to know his clients. He would de-brief with us after every home we saw and ask us what we liked and did not like. He was able to tailor home search for us based on our feedback. after seeing 30+ houses in Cupertino, he told us that he honestly felt that we would be happier with neighborhood feel in either Saratoga, Los Altos or Palo Alto. He also realized that we really cared about unique architecture and was able to identify properties that would interest us. This insight is critical to help narrow search criteria and not spin in circles.
4) John is super patient and professional. Ultimately we saw 100+ houses over 6 months and made 3 offers before we got our dream house in Los Altos. The home we purchased was unique and required some serious remodeling. John is really good at building trust and relationship with the other agent and home owner. We were able to bring our contractor in to see the place a couple of times before making the offer. When we ran into issues with assessment, John worked proactively with our Mortgage lender at Wells Fargo to provide details and facilitate a reappraisal.
If you want a realtor who is more than a “closer”, talk to John.”

Narayanan K., Los Altos

“We had a great experience buying our home with John. He was very responsive and very reactive, which was important to us since we were most of the time out of town. He has extensive knowledge of the local area. He also gave us great service after the sale, which was greatly appreciated (helping resolve a property tax issue that wasn’t done correctly on the closing papers, helping with the initial period where we needed people to access the home in our absence, etc). We are very happy that we worked with John, and will definitely do so again for our future real estate needs.”

Ellen Marie S., Palo Alto

“I originally found John online through his various helpful posts over on the forum. My husband and I were moving from the Boston area to the Silicon Valley and thus I did a lot of my research online, in addition to a couple of trips made out that way before we moved completely.   I found John a pleasure to work with, both in person and online, full of knowledge about the Bay Area, and extremely helpful in making recommendations and seeking out properties with us. I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Bay Area.”

Cheryl B., Campbell

“John helped us buy our second home and sell our first home all within two months. It was a very stressful time, but John’s professionalism and expertise put us at ease through all the inspections, appraisals and paperwork. I was so happy with the transactions that I recommended John to my mom and he helped her find her retirement home.”

Carolina R., Portola Valley

“John was a top notch professional in helping my wife and I purchase our first home. In less than a month of working together, we wrote two offers, the second of which was accepted in a very competitive situation. John’s expertise and reputation in this critical process were key to of course becoming homeowners but also our satisfaction with John’s service. After acceptance, he followed through with a very capable stable of professionals for inspections and repairs, and of course was with us throughout the entire process to closing. As a note, we bought in an area of San Jose that was outside of what I believe is his typical locale – regardless he was able to keenly identify value as we toured around the open houses.”

Brendan M., San Jose

“John was essential to finding our off-market home and successfully purchasing it. He also helped put together an offer on another house (for which we were outbid), showed us a number of homes, and helped acquaint us with what was a completely new territory. He made us feel like we were his only clients and was incredibly responsive, even while were were often 3 time zones away. My only complaint was that sometimes it was hard to get a sense of HIS opinion on some matters.”

Judd V., Palo Alto

“I was extremely lucky to have John as my real estate agent when I was buying my home in Santa Clara, CA. It was the time when the market was booming and we had to deal with a lot of crazy stuff that could probably happen only during a huge market growth and only in Silicon Valley. To name a few: 15-25 offer situation was quite normal back then, 20-30% overbid was typical… Without John my dream of buying my own house could have never come true. First thing that stroke me was that he didn’t say right away that buying a house is a wonderful idea of mine and all this jazz every salesman would try to sell you. Quite the opposite, he discussed my situation in particular and showed me all pros and cons… He also warned me that the whole process may or may not be smooth. So, I need to be very determined to go through all the red tape and etc. He definitely knows the market, all the sharp cliffs of the purchasing process, psychology of a seller and other essential details. John was guiding me through all that with great patience, explaining every detail that was important and pointing out some stuff that I might have wanted to know, but of much lesser significance. Another John’s feature that needs to be mentioned is his punctuality. Every time we had to meet somewhere he was on time and if, for some reason, he was getting late, he always called me. But I do not remember him being late by more than 5 minutes. This shows his attitude and highly professional way of work. After my last offer was accepted, John took over all the hassle. He was making all the arrangements, he was making sure everything is going according to the schedule, he brought the inspection folks on site and etc. Even though for most of the buyers a few weeks after the offer is accepted are like a nightmare, for me it was like a holiday, since John kept everything under his control. To conclude, thanks to John I managed to buy a great place for a decent price even in the red hot market conditions. It would have been much more complicated or even impossible without John. I can’t imagine a better real estate agent than John Fyten.”

Sergey B., Santa Clara

“We were looking to buy a house in the Bay area. This is our fourth house and so by now we knew what to look for in a real estate agent. We found John online via his website and were amazed by the amount of information and level of detail on his website. Just by reading it we knew this was someone who really knew the Bay area intimately and was different from your ordinary run of the mill agent. I contacted John and it took us about 6 months to buy a house, after 4 offers. Moving from Southern California, what we found different about the Bay area is that every street and every neighborhood is different. John really knows the area like the back of his hand and this is very valuable here. We highly recommend John and if I had to every buy another house here I would certainly go back to him.”

Nisheth J., San Jose

Expert knowledge in local real estate market, especially Palo Alto. Honest, dependable, responsive. John helped us buy both our primary residence and an investment property, both in multiple offer situation. We will not hesitate recommending John to other people.”

Deyu H., Palo Alto

“John provided excellent guidance throughout our buying process. He is an expert in his field, has tons of relevant domain knowledge and has a website, blog and newsletter that were all great resources for us.   He’s dependable, meticulous and a professional through and through. He responds near instantly to all emails whether on weekdays or weekends and is always on time to appointments. He is committed to finding you a home that’s the best fit, tweaking his recommendations adeptly based on the feedback you give him. He presents your offers in person whenever possible. This is a people-facing profession, and John delivers your offer with class. He is always one step ahead, making sure you are ready for whatever comes at you during the buying process, through to the end past offer acceptance and closing.   It was a great pleasure working with John and I highly recommend him to anyone in search of an excellent real estate agent.”

Sayli B., Santa Clara

“We talked to multiple agents when we started to look for a home. We reached out to John based on a friends recommendation. He is simply great to work with. Here’s what we really liked about working with him:
1. he had great knowledge about the areas where we were looking to buy
2. he was very well prepared every time he showed us a property (always had comps on hand)
3. was super honest with feedback about our choices and pros/cons of every property
4. he negotiated furiously on our behalf and helped us get a price we were happy with
I would highly recommend John to anyone looking to buy a home in the bay area.”

Rohan S., Mountain View

“John Fyten’s name should be at the top of the list when one is selecting a realtor. I have used John a number of times in the past. The most recent one was when when we sold our house in Portola Valley in the summer of 2013. He had everything in place for the sale. When we put it on the market, it sold immediately for all cash and closed in 2 weeks. It was a repeat of a rental house that we sold in Menlo Park in 2012. John was our realtor for that as well. Both sales were flawless, effortless and stress free… This was all due to John having all of the inspections and paper work ready to go when the two houses came on the market. He handles everything in a calm, quiet and relaxed manner. He was always responsive immediately to any questions or help that we requested.  In addition to the two sales of houses, I have used John a number of times as an agent for renting out one of my rental houses… Again, a flawless performance.  In short, I highly recommend John Fyten as a realtor.”

Tom M., Menlo Park

“I bumped into John when he was having an open house in Palo Alto which was out of my price range. He took down all my requirements and said he would get in touch with me later. Be honest I didn’t think he would get back to me as my price range was half of the price of that Palo Alto town house, but he did. The reasons why John was great to work with are
1) Informative: he sent me available housing info within my price range on a weekly basis and followed up with a call to see if I would like to see any of them.
2) Patience: John helped me purchase my first house. He patiently worked with me for good 6 months and we finally found the house.
3) Negotiation: John gave me good suggestions of “give and take”. I did get a GOOD deal!!”
Jennifer H., Mountain View
“We got our dream home on our first offer and it’s largely due to John’s expertise.  But beyond John’s wealth of knowledge and expertise, there is also a passion for great architecture and modern living. It’s infectious.  Above all he is a pro, never pushy, always smarter than you and just someone you want on your side while you are going through one of the most difficult decisions in your life.”
Itai V., San Jose
“John was on top of it from start to finish. Within the very tough context in Palo Alto and around, he was able to very rapidly understand our needs and constraints and proposed only very relevant choices. He was always available and flexible. When came the time of the transaction he was very thorough in the analysis of the documents which made it painless. He even helped us three months after closing when a small issue came up.”
Luc J., Palo Alto
“John was a great buyer’s agent. He helped us buy our first home and without him, I’m not sure it would have happened. My husband and I had looked at about 20 open houses before we approached and interviewed agents. We had an idea of what we wanted and what was available in the market place but still needed guidance on location and schools as we are new to the area. We interviewed 3 agents and after meeting John decided that he would most likely fit our style and personality best when making such an important and big decision in our lives. Here are the reasons why John was great to work with-
1. He was extremely knowledgeable about the market and the areas we were considering purchasing. He quickly helped us narrow down the locations that were in our budget and met our requirements. He never ruled out an area but rather helped us understand the pros and cons of selecting the right area but showing us places.
2. He was never pushy, aggressive, or a typical sales person. He laid out all the facts and information that you needed to make your decision. He would provide an opinion if you asked. In a competitive market, you have to make decisions quickly. John was very respectful of space and private time that you might need to discuss decisions with your significant other.
3. Creative problem solving skills and solid negotiation skills- we ran into quite a few snags while purchasing our home. The two main issues were 1) the purchase price turned out to be higher than the appraisal price 2) there were a few issues with the home that we wanted the builder to fix. John was always able to provide sound advice on how to approach these problems. He guided us through the negotiation process of negotiating the purchase price on our home and also helped us get the main issues we had with the home fixed.
4. Available and dedicated to his clients- Even though John was likely very busy and working with many clients at one time, he was always available (responds promptly to email, phone calls, text messages, etc). He also was never too busy to spend extra time with us when viewing open houses, model homes, or making decision. We never heard him say that he didn’t have time or was too busy. He was also present for all of the processes that we went through to purchase the home whether or not we needed him there.
John was great to work with and we would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking to purchase a home. He truly is really good at what he does and makes the process of buying a home in this market and area a lot easier on the buyer.
Samata P., Sunnyvale

“John is what you what call an expert in his field. We were turned on to him via his active blog. With weekly updates of meticulously collected data, we were fairly certain that he understood the fickle bay area market really well. When we met him, we were impressed by his honesty, patience, and thoroughness. He warned us of all the pitfalls during the buying process and helped us work with the lender, insurance providers, inspectors the escrow,etc to make sure none of them dropped the ball during the investigation/purchase process. He took great care to dress our offer and was resourceful to figure out the competition we would be facing before we put our offer through. On average people make about 5 offers before closing on their home in the south bay area. We got it done in three and a lot of credit goes to John for helping us through the process. John is a true professional who doesn’t just look the part but also delivers.”

Kartik A., Santa  Clara

“John spent almost a year with us, helping us decide and find the right home. He convinced us that buying a home is a good investment for the long term and for first time home-buyers taking the leap of faith is important. John never pressurized us in buying something we were not comfortable with. He provided us guidance with the process of making offers, introduced us to right finance broker, helped with getting the right inspectors during contract phase, and negotiating the deal with Sellers even in an AS-IS sale in hot bay area market. I would recommend John to anyone who is looking to buy a home.”

Shailesh M., Cupertino

“John helped us buy our first home in San Jose. He was incredible helpful, patient and knowledgeable. He did much of the heavy lifting for us, researching the area and filtering what was available on the market for us. He had great insight into property values, area effects on quality of life and what to look out for when purchasing. He also lead us through the negotiation process, which was quite complicated because the house was owned by an out of state bank. We always felt confident that we were going to come out of the process in right position. I highly recommend John for your real estate needs!”

Ramses M., San Jose

“We approached John based on a friend’s recommendation, and after reading the very informative articles on his website. We had had a not-so-good experience with an inexperienced agent who was pushing us to buy a new home we were not sure about, after showing us a very small set of homes. We knew very little about real estate, and almost nothing about the Silicon Valley market. The way John first educated us about the market (both theoretically and practically) was crucial in giving us confidence while making the final decision, and his help in coordinating and managing all the inspections even after we entered into contract was highly significant. It was very important for us to find someone whose wisdom and experience we could trust, and who could represent our needs, and we’re glad we found him after our previous bad experience.”

Omkar D., Mountain View

“We looked at many properties and had some specific needs and wants. We thought we wanted a duplex but changed our minds many times. John was patient and continued to send us properties. Once we found ‘THE ONE’, he was so helpful in walking and talking us through the process. I would happily recommend John to a friend.”

Barbara M., Redwood City

“It was great to celebrate the sale of our condo…perhaps the challenges we faced made it that much more satisfying.  John, we will always be grateful to you and Claudia for all that you have done for us!”

Jeff and Kathryn C., Palo Alto

“John helped me buy my first home in 2009. My budget was “cheap” and he helped me find a house in downtown San Jose. At the time, John a lot of good advice — buy this house, then rent it to students, don’t buy this house, not a good area. A few homes (I didn’t have my offers accepted) he told me “this will sell for x, no less”. I can definitely recommend John to anyone wanting to buy a home in the Bay Area.”

Cathy W., San Jose

 “This is to thank you for your assistance in helping us buy our home in Atherton.    It’s seldom that a large transaction goes so smoothly.  The few hassles, minimal delays and the success of the financial negotiation was due in large part to your knowledge of the area and the real estate business and your willingness to work with us in a way that was comfortable to us.

Phil and I have both managed large projects in our careers.  You helped us successfully implement the largest project of our lives—without any surprises—a remarkable feat.

We are truly enjoying our new home.  Thanks for all your help and our best wishes for your continued success in helping others.”

Deborah M. and Phil M., Atherton

 “I was a first-time home buyer with very little knowledge of real estate business.  My criteria was very focused on a certain area based on advice from friends.  John took time to understand what it was I was looking for and provided me with other suggestions to meet my needs.  We quickly found a house and were able to negotiate a comfortable price.  Although the process went by quickly, I was comfortable at all times thanks to John’s helpfulness in explaining the process.  I would enthusiastically recommend John to anyone looking for a home.”

Jesus T., Menlo Park

“John helped us prepare our condo for sale quickly, making suggestions and using people he knew.  We sold it soon after it came on the market with multiple offers.  John is our choice for any future sales.”

Rick P., Menlo Park

 “John’s experience and professionalism helped make our first home purchase a clean, streamlined experience.  John was able to patiently address all our questions and really listened to what we were looking for.  We were impressed with his knowledge of the local real estate market and his interest in getting us the right place over getting the sale.  John’s frankness swayed us from reacting to the heated market conditions and kept us focused on what our family was truly searching for.  Our closure went through without a hitch and we even bought below market.”

Scott and Kimiyo S., Palo Alto

 “Our home buying experience with John was a wonderful thrill.  We love our new home and had John’s incredible knowledge base and sound judgment on our side.  He is a genuine person and sincerely had our best interest in mind throughout the entire process.

John understands the nuances of home buying and was always very thorough in his research.  There were numerous times that John went above and beyond what was required of him.  He has diligently worked on our behalf and always made us feel that we were his most important clients.  He anticipated our questions, listened to our needs and desires, and was always responsive.

John is the best agent we have ever worked with and we will always use him as our agent in future transactions.  We wholeheartedly recommend him to our friends and families.”

Raymond C. and Prascilla P., Menlo Park

  “We met John early in the house hunting process.  It was a pleasure working with him and he was very helpful showing us new listings in the area.  We got the second home we made an offer on even though our offer wasn’t the highest.  We are very pleased with the service he provided.  We wouldn’t hesitate to use John again or recommend him.”

Tom and Brenda P., Sunnyvale

 “I met John after using other agents and making nine unsuccessful offers.  My first offer with John was successful.  I appreciated John’s diligence in finding out information that I as a first-time buyer would not have known, such as structural costs for a house in Palo Alto where the fireplace was falling into the house.  John suggested that the first house I saw might not be right for me, and guided me to a house he’d seen that was perfect for me.  I felt that John was looking out for my best interests instead of just trying to make a quick sale.  I also appreciate that he followed up to help me with any needs AFTER the sale.”

Cameron T., Mountain View

 “As first-time home buyers we appreciated John’s low-key and informative approach.  We were able to find a nice home quickly, even in a seller’s market, and got the first house we made an offer on.”

Ken and Annette B., Redwood City

“I was working with another agent but found John to be much more helpful.  With his assistance my family was able to find a house in our price range, one that wasn’t even on the market at the time.”

Jairo and Maria R., Menlo Park

“Although we had done research on our own, John’s expertise in the area we liked and knowledge of what was available helped us to focus on the right home.  We were competing with another buyer and John’s advice during the offer process was invaluable.”
Steve and Lisa T., Palo Alto

 “We have recommended John and would not hesitate to recommend him again.  He helped us find and buy a nice  home quickly in a seller’s market.  It was only our first offer and we were competing with four other buyers, but we got the house.”

Tom and Sodi H., Redwood City

 “We have nothing but satisfaction with our dealings with you, and feel free to mention our name with ‘satisfied customers’.  As you know, I have mentioned you to several clients in our circle of friends…Thank you also for favors up and beyond the ‘call of duty’.”

Kay and Emil R., Menlo Park

 “Many thanks for your prompt and efficient help in selling my Palo Alto condominium—three  weeks from listing to sale, and another four weeks to close of escrow.  I  was very pleased with your and Claudia’s preparation and presentation of the property.  There were multiple offers including a “no contingency”, 8% over  listing price offer from a well qualified buyer.  The transaction closed on schedule without surprises.

I strongly recommend John for his attention to detail and abilit to facilitate a smooth transaction.”

Kent P., San Carlos

 “You have done it again!  You rented my condo in the record time and for a top dollar.  You are a real pro.  I used to rent my condos myself so I know how much work it involves.  I also had them rented by (other) realtors.  They couldn’t even compare with you.  Your advertising, attention to the detail, screening of the tenants is unsurpassed.  Thank you very much for your excellent work.”

Joanna R., Menlo Park

“It was definitely great working with you.  Your advice was a great reading and very very helpful to us.  We will miss that now.  I have to thank you for staying strong with us for a year too.”

Shailesh and Neelima M., Cupertino

“(I’m grateful for) the association with you and all the tremendous help and encouragement you gave on the condo sale—couldn’t have done it without you.”

Natalie C., Palo Alto

 “Thank you so much for all your help and most importantly, your patience.  I’m very much enjoying my new home.”

Mini K., Santa Clara

“We write to thank you for your excellent work selling our Los Altos house this spring.   Although we anticipated a good job, you surpassed our expectations in every   respect.

Of particular importance was your quick handling of an issue that threatened to block our efforts to sell—how to find a satisfactory rental property that the tenants could move to, enabling us to put up the house for sale.  Somehow you did it, and the deal moved forward.

Another issue involved how much to spend on fixing up a house that probably would be torn down and rebuilt.  You estimated that an expenditure of $10,000 to $15,000 would yield a 10-fold return. Despite our skepticism, we spent money on modest repairs, painting, floor refinishing, and garden cleanup.  We also followed your advice to rush the property to market in May.   Sure enough, we got the payoff you predicted from among the half dozen offers you brought us.   And the timing was perfect.

Your good advice and your experience made the deal move quickly and smoothly.  In addition, your work selling my father’s Sunnyvale house in 2001 was outstanding.  Now we’re pleased to recognize your accomplishment selling our Los Altos rental property.  We’re confident that your future clients will be as well served as we have been.”

Karen B. and Claude B., Menlo Park

 “THANK YOU!!!!  for all your  help and hard work during this process.  Although at times it looked pretty  bleak for us, your expertise and wealth of knowledge helped guide us through this tough market and for that I’m very appreciative.

I also can’t thank you enough  for your help with all the little things which helped me tremendously, the upkeep of the landscaping, forwarding of mail, and lastly the smoke detectors.   Again, just like in 2000, I felt very comfortable through this process.

The only bad part in this is  that unfortunately you don’t work the Los Angeles area, the agent I’ll use down  here has some pretty big shoes to fill.  Thank you for everything.”

Jesus T., ex-Menlo Park

“Thank you for your help all along the way.  In particular, your handling of the  situation was instrumental in getting us the house at a price we are happy with.”

Fang X. and Deyu H., Palo Alto

“Thank you for your help.  It was a great pleasure for too working with you.  Your integrity in helping us find a house definitely went above and beyond the call of duty as a real estate agent.  It was a standard setting act, I must say.”

Toyu Y., San Carlos

“You are  the best real estate person I’ve ever encountered, and will recommend you to  anyone I know looking for a house on the peninsula.”

David C., ex-Palo Alto

“Thank  you John you’ve been so wonderful through this whole process and we are lucky to  have found you as our agent.”

Jeremy and Margret W., Burlingame

“Thanks  John.  It’s been a real pleasure working with you.  In particular, I have been  impressed by your integrity, and have felt comfortable placing a great deal of  trust in your judgment.   It is nice to know that the person representing oneself is impeccably professional, reliable, and overall a good ambassador!”

Vai R., Palo Alto

“John is a consummate professional.  Sure, I wish he discounted commissions more, but I suppose you get what you pay for.  He’s always on time, communicates very well, knows all his neighborhoods, isn’t pushy at all, and gives sage advice.  I do think he’s better on the buy-side than on the sell-side, but it worked out well there too.”

Mani  V., Palo Alto

“Once again, John, YOU RULE!!!”

Nicole W., San Jose

“Thanks for all your help with this whole process.  We are both very happy with the outcome and really thankful that you were guiding us through this whole process.”

Joe V., San Mateo

“I sincerely appreciate all of your hard work in finding tenants for our rental house.  Once again, a job well done!”

Tom M., Portola Valley

“Thanks so much John…you are super duper!”

Diane M., Palo Alto

“A Big Thank You for getting us into our first house and making the buying process a pleasant experience.”

Mandar and Diana G., Mountain View

“We have also appreciated working with you and couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

Jed P. and Carolina P., Portola Valley

“Thanks for all your help and valuable advice.  A few months ago we knew nothing about real estate.  The way you educated us about the market (both theoretically and practically) was crucial in giving us confidence while making the decision, and your help in coordinating and managing all the inspections even after we entered into contract was highly significant.  It was very important for us to find someone whose wisdom and experience we could trust, and who could represent our needs, and we’re glad we found you after our previous bad experience.”

Omkar D. and Smita R., Mountain View

“I strongly recommend John whether buying or selling a home.  When relocating, I hoped to gain some shortcuts in targeting neighborhoods by targeting someone knowledgeable and experienced.  In working with John I got that and more.  He effectively targeted my parameters from a distance and was extremely patient and helpful during the search process.  John’s assessments were accurate and his attention to detail superb.  Top Qualities:  Personable, Expert, High Integrity.”

Tracy V., San Mateo

“He is really knowledgeable about neighborhoods, very detail oriented, and overall a really awesome agent.”

Lalitha R., Los Altos

“It was a real pleasure working with John.  His clear and calm directions and suggestions continuously leveled out the “bumps in the road”.  He successfully led us through the technical and emotional process of selling our condo in an unstable market.”

George H., Menlo Park

“We appreciate4 all of your hard work, thank you, you are a great communicator.”

Nga P., Sunnyvale

“Hey John, it has been a pleasure having you as our agent.  Thanks for sharing your experience with us and for guiding us at each and every step of our house buying experience.  We are excited with our purchase and are eagerly awaiting to move into our own home, we can’t thank you enough for making it possible.”

Shikha A., Mountain View

“Wow!!!  Great work!!!…You made it a simple, fast and easy sale for us.  You did a fantastic job and Rita and I sincerely thank you for making it all work 🙂

Tom M., Menlo Park

From an email between a prospective client and a former client:  I’m wondering whether you would recommend John, and if so, why?
I would definitely recommend him.
 *  Knowledgeable on LONG TERM peninsula real estate trends
 *  He’s”by the book” when it comes to the gruntwork.   I closed on one of my places with a lower bid because his offer paperwork was cleaner.
 *  Extremely patient.
 *  Good judge of people.  He’s able to read you, your current situation and your needs better than most.
 *  Good intuition.  He’s made good guesses about how things will turn out.  Very helpful in predicting the end in bidding wars.
Would you consider him an expert in the Palo Alto and Menlo Park area?
Best I’ve come across.  Ask him about long term historical trends. 🙂
Anything positive and/or negative you can say about him would help us greatly in making a decision.

I’ll start with the negative first cuz that’s short:

He’s not a good realtor if you are unsure about the idea of owning a house.  He won’t give you a kick in the pants even that’s what’s needed. I can think of 2 out of 7 interesting Palo Alto properties where I needed that kick so I could catch a great opportunity before it slipped through my fingers.

For context on my opinions, here’s a summary of my experience with John:
* Worked with a different (mediocre) agent in Santa Clara during the late dot com days.
This other agent was really interested in the money.  The house was really a bad choice in hindsight, both as an asset and a lifestyle choice.  I was new to real estate and made all the classic mistakes. It was only good fortune that the greedy seller rejected my insanely high bid hoping for even higher offers.
* Bought 2 condos through John. I felt like I was paying what was fair market value at the time.
The first condo was my primary residence.  I knew I was paying a premium for downtown Palo Alto, and was looking for the cheapest thing possible.  I started with a really run down property.  John helped me make bids on this first attempt, but informed me of all the baggage the place entailed and prevented me from overbidding.  The place finally sold for way over my bid, which worked out very well.  After that experience John introduced me to Townhouses and Condos in a better price range, and I went for the middle of the road choice.  Its a condo, so you can’t expect too much from it financially, but it was by far the best quality of life choice I could have made.
The second condo was my first great experiment into an investment property.  John was extremely helpful in     setting expectations and went above and beyond helping me with my renter.
* Sold 1 condo through John. Felt like I got fair market value at the time.
I sold the investment property.  John did a fantastic job helping me first scope, then  coordinate the     remodeling/presale work needed for a sale.  The sale went through reasonably quickly at a reasonable sale price.
* bought 1 house through John.
I was looking at bottom of the  housing market in Palo Alto.  Most houses in that price range are very rough or are placed too low so the sellers can trigger a bidding war.  John prepared me for this, but let me go through the experience on my own.  In the end, he introduced me to other alternatives in the same price range but were at the edge of some other top neighborhoods.  John eventually steered me to one of those rare deals of the lifetime, where I got that legendary “diamond-in-the-rough” for well below market.  In this rare instance, the house was inherited property being sold through “difficult” realtors.  John helped me dig up lots of leverage from city zoning and helped set my expectations appropriately.  It was an unusually long sales process, and I know John was doing lots of painful back-and-forth with the sellers behind the scenes.  I love the house and the area enough that I’d have trouble moving back to Crescent Park, Palo Alto.”
Scott S., Mountain View