where to look in Campbell

homecontemporaryI’d send you to Campbell if you were looking for large lots–8000 sq.ft. isn’t uncommon–a pleasantly funky downtown and, more often than not, highly-regarded schools.  I wouldn’t necessarily send you there to look for flattops.  But they do exist.

The only MCM development of any consequence in Campbell looks a lot like the Mackays of Mountain View built about the same time, 1955.  Like the Mackays, they’re small 3/2s of about 1200 sq.ft. on relatively small lots.  You’ll find them on Century, Virginia, Wren and W. Rincon.

The slightly more upscale contemporaries of Shady Acres can be found on Harrison, just north of downtown.  These homes, also built in 1955, are slightly larger than the Mackay look-alikes.

Slightly older–circa 1953–are the very basic 3/1s of Sunnybrook Gardens, located on Budd, Kenneth and Sunnybrook Court.  Similar homes can be found just east of Highway 17 on Normandy and Erin.

The last MCM tract of any size is Latimer Park, small 3/2s built in 1955, found on Sondra and Marianna.  But like almost every city around here, MCM is scattered throughout Campbell’s neighborhoods.

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