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East Palo Alto has two contemporary neighborhoods, Flood Park Estates (better known as “the Kavanaugh area”) and University Village.

Kavanaugh homes are 3-bedroom2-baths, usually of 1100 or 1150 sq.ft., with tar-and-gravel roof, central forced air heating and perimeter foundation. Built in 1956 on land formerly owned by the pioneer Kavanaugh family (the old farmhouse around the corner on Bay Road was their home), these nearly 200 homes are something of a milestone in East Palo Alto tracts. Kavanaugh was the last major tract to be built in EPA for some years, and the only one to offer two-bath homes exclusively, a huge plus. And if East Palo Alto creates a downtown on Bay Road just to the east of University, as the city’s consultants have suggested, Kavanaugh will be a walk-to-downtown neighborhood. As an added plus, it’s one of EPA’s better maintained neighborhoods.

The other contemporary neighborhood, University Village, is a huge (559 homes) tract built in 1952-53. Although this neighborhood is next to the Bay, it isn’t bayfront living; like elsewhere in East Palo Alto, the Bay is ignored, ironic since less than twenty years later developers would be filling it in to build water-oriented homes. University Village was built with economy 3/1s, most of 1010 sq.ft., on slab and with central forced-air heating. Fifty-plus years later it still serves as low-cost housing.

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