How I help sellers.

Our Goals:

1. Maximize your property’s exposure to qualified buyers.
2. Keep you in the loop by communicating market and agent feedback.
3. Get the highest possible value for your property within the time frame that works best for you.

Step 1: Preparing you for the sales process.

ü Review the home-selling process, from listing to offers to closing.
ü Discuss buyers’ expectations and the costs and benefits of meeting those expectations.
ü Explain the listing agreement and various disclosures sellers are legally required to complete.
ü Determine when to place your property on the market, based on your timetable.
ü Analyze the current market thoroughly to assist you in setting a listing price that will maximize buyer interest and sales price.
ü Estimate your probable net proceeds after typical costs of sale are deducted.
ü Review costs of sale and who customarily pays for them in your area.
ü Explain the advantages of having home inspections available for prospective buyers to review.
ü Provide the names of three reputable pest and home inspection companies, and assist you in scheduling inspections.
ü Review inspections, helping you decide what if any repairs should be made to minimize prospective buyers’ hesitations.
ü Advise you of the benefits of ordering a seller’s home warranty, and order if you wish.
ü Explain our nation-wide relocation service.
ü Offer easy communication through mobile phone, voicemail and e-mail.

Step 2: Preparing your home for the market.

ü Assess and catalogue all the positive points of your home, based on feedback from you and from other agents in my office.
ü Garner feedback from fellow Coldwell Banker agents to verify the most advantageous pricing.
ü Advise you on what may make your property more saleable.
ü Help you prepare your home to look its best to prospective buyers, including staging and other cosmetic enhancements.
ü Assist you in coordinating any work you may choose to have done to prepare your home, including choosing and supervising vendors.
ü Give you tips on how to keep your property looking its best during the showing period.
ü Schedule any inspections you agree upon, meet inspectors and walk through your property with them and follow up on their reports, reviewing them with you to discuss any suggested actions.
ü With your permission, install a lockbox on the property to facilitate other brokers’ efforts to sell the property. Determine if there would be any restrictions on showings, and notify brokers.
ü Order a Coldwell Banker sign to be placed on the property.
ü Open escrow with a preferred title company, and order a preliminary title report to verify that there are no clouds on the title.
ü Prepare a package of inspection reports and seller disclosures for potential buyers and their agents to review and approve prior to making an offer.
ü Prepare a binder of marketing materials, reports and disclosures, to be kept on the property.

Step 3: Marketing your home for maximum results.

ü Provide you with a written marketing schedule showing open houses, advertising, mailings and other services.
ü Effectively merchandise your property through Coldwell Banker and other websites, local newspaper advertising and flyers.
ü Submit your home to the regional Multiple Listing Service for immediate exposure to the real estate community.
ü  Invite cooperating brokers to tour your property on Tour Day.
ü Announce your home at the office’s weekly meetings. Our office is the leading Coldwell Banker office in San Mateo County and Palo Alto, and has a number of fine agents working with buyers.
ü Hold open houses to create interest in your property and identify potential buyers.
ü Post an “Open Sunday” or “Open Saturday/Sunday” rider on the For Sale sign to draw additional attention to your property.
ü Prior to open houses, strategically place open house signs in your area to maximize “drive-by” traffic to our open house.
ü Mail open house notifications to your neighborhood.
ü Follow up with all interested buyers attending the open house.

Other services provided throughout the listing period.

ü Regularly provide you with feedback on our marketing efforts.
ü Maintain a dialogue with agents showing the home to gain valuable feedback.
ü Keep you apprised of the current state of the ever-changing real estate market.
ü Update pricing analysis with newly listed and sold properties, and recommend marketing strategies to reflect market changes.
ü Keep the Multiple Listing Service description current to reflect any changes in marketing strategy.
ü Monitor agents who have requested disclosure packages, providing them updates on any changes in disclosures, reports, the offer date, your preferred terms etc.
ü Make more disclosure packages as needed.
ü Familiarize you with the purchase contract, and with the different offer strategies buyers and their agents use, so that when an offer is presented you can consider it with a greater level of understanding.
ü Explain the pros and cons of unusual offer formats such as “relative offers” or “sharp bids”, both express and implied.
ü Determine your preference on receiving offers: presented by buyers’ agents or dropped off for our review.

Step 4: Offer presentation and negotiation.

ü Schedule an offer date and time at your convenience, and reserve a conference room at our office to hear and/or review offers.
ü Represent you to my fullest capacity during offer presentation. I will be available to negotiate the highest possible price and most favorable terms on your behalf.
ü Ask appropriate questions when an offer is presented to discern the buyer’s commitment and financial qualifications.
ü Request a loan pre-approval letter from the buyer’s agent or, if the offer is all-cash, ascertain the buyer’s resources.
ü Verify the buyer’s ability to provide the indicated down payment.
ü Review the pros and cons of the offer, and your obligations, before you sign.
ü Assist you in drafting a counter offer, if appropriate, and in responding to any “counter counters” from buyers.

Step 5: Managing the escrow.

ü Follow-through on all aspects of the escrow process once an offer is accepted, to close the sale successfully and on time.
ü Stay in constant communication with the buyer’s agent to facilitate a smooth escrow.
ü Coordinate transaction details with the escrow officer.
ü Monitor any contingency release dates and discuss these with you.
ü Follow-up closely on the progress of the buyer’s loan.
ü Explain your responsibilities regarding the condition of the property and any repairs agreed upon.
ü Facilitate the appraisal process.
ü Help you if conflicts or impasses arise with the buyer.
ü Be present at the title company when you sign your escrow instructions to verify all instructions and the dollar amounts charged or credited.
ü Ensure that your check is delivered and that you receive your settlement documents promptly after closing.

Step 6: Helping you move.

ü Introduce you to lenders if necessary.
ü Assist you in taking advantage of moving services available through Coldwell Banker, including relocation services and the Concierge Program.

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